About Attento: 

Attento comes from the Italian word for attentive, mindful and thorough. These are the principles that I bring to my writing and this blog.  This site has been created bring attention to issues and topics that I feel are interesting, important and worth sharing.

About the writer – Kathy Gorohoff :

I am a full-time mom, freelance writer, part-time marketing consultant, a runner, dog lover and currently enrolled in Yoga Teacher Training. I am passionate about health, wellness, mindfulness and fitness. My goal and my passion is to bring awareness of well-being to those around me in my community, near and far.

Yosemite National Park, Vernal Falls

My husband and I have two beautiful and energetic daughters and from August of 2015 – June 2016 we ditched the real world to travel around the US and Canada in a truck camper to live out an adventure of a life time. We are back in Seattle now, where I have lived my whole life. I love it here, but I always enjoy the chance to escape and visit somewhere new. Although my last name is Russian, I come from a large Italian family, which is why I chose an Italian name for this site. My passions include my family, traveling, writing, yoga, getting into nature, running, photography, skiing, surfing, healthy living, friends, good food and helping others.

I am a graduate from Washington State University with a Bachelor’s degree from the Edward R. Murrow School of Communication, my focus was in Advertising. Over the past 15+ years my career has focused on marketing and public relations and has spanned over several industries, including consumer advertising, high-tech PR, mobile phone technology and real estate. My main goal now is to focus on writing and provide information and knowledge to the world about the things I am passionate about. For more details on my career, click here for my resume.

Yoga at the Grand Canyon