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The Dreaded New Years Resolution

For the New Year I am trying to take care of myself and trying to find more time to do things that nourish me, one of thing that I always want to make more time for is writing, below and in this link is my most recent article for Red Tricycle… 

buddhaOh the dreaded New Year’s Resolutions, such a fun way to start the New Year, by restricting yourself from the things you truly want or pushing yourself to do things that you really don’t want to. Heading back to the gym packed with tons of people that vowed to work out again in the New Year, shopping for veggies and whole grains and avoiding all the sweet treats we indulged on over the holidays. Yes, the New Year is a time for starting over and getting back on track. But what if you don’t want to? What if you were perfectly happy eating cookies for breakfast and drinking every night like each night was a party? Well, sometimes you need to check yourself. When your holiday pants start getting a little tight it’s probably time to pull in the reigns. This year I am resolving to take the best care of myself as possible. Actually, this is something I vow to do most years and by those last 2 weeks of the year, I am in full on destruction mode.

Maybe my New Year’s resolution should be to keep it together for the next holiday season. Or instead of a New Year’s resolution I should make a New Day Resolution, since each day is a new chance to start over. If I make a resolution to myself every morning I wake up, I can make the conscious decision to take care of myself, eat well, move my body, be as compassionate as possible to my family and just do my best. This seems like a better plan, instead of trying to keep a resolution from the first day of the year to the last day of the year, I am going to make a resolution each day and see how that changes my focus. Because realistically, by February most people have stopped going to the gym and forgotten about what they were resolving to do on January 1st. By making a resolution each day, the intention can be different based on how you feel or what you need in that moment. Instead of what you were hoping to fix after the indulging in the holiday season. The bottom line is that no matter what, as a mother, I just need to do my best and take care of my family. And in order to do that we need to take care of ourselves so we can take care of our kids. We need to make healthy choices so that we model good behavior for little ones, we need to get enough sleep and have enough energy so we can spend the majority of our day driving from the store, to the school, to the practice, to the next whatever it is. In the end, it eventually falls on the mother to get the work done and by setting your New Day Resolution or intention each day you will be armed with the focus needed to get through each and every day. And with any luck, by the end of next year, you will be so focused from your year of daily intentions that you will not need a new New Years resolution to reset your behavior, you will already be at the point you were focused on.