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Pushing the Reset Button

end-of-summer-590x321For a lot of people Labor Day, Back to School and the beginning of Fall is when they push the reset button or try and get their life back to reality. For others ,New Years Day is when new resolutions and habits are formed. Others might choose to start fresh each year on their birthday. I have to admit I am guilty of all of the above. But this year, I fall into the first category. After spending 9 months on the road, coming home and back to reality at the beginning of the summer and spending the entire 3 months of summer in a state of flux, trying to get back into the groove, while at the same time having life jump out at us in all directions,. I decided that once school started, we could focus on getting back into a normal routine and getting back on track. So here I am, starting a new blog post, updating an outdated website and pushing the reset button on my life (sort of). This week we have brought home a new puppy, started new schools and I am making my best effort to be productive. As a result, I had a headache for the past week from stress and anxiety and likely looking at a computer longer than I have in over a year. But I am doing it.

The update of this website is still a work in progress, but the focus of the site and my work will be to bring information and attention to things that matter to me and the community around me. I will focus on things that are important to me, things that I am involved in and projects that bring me joy. Some of those things include, yoga, healthy eating, volunteering, figuring out how to train a new puppy (specifically an Australian Shepard puppy) and really anything that comes up that I think is worth sharing. I would love to get feedback from readers and I would be happy to research and write about other topics that are important to the community.

For now, I am going to work on cleaning up the site, helping my current clients and keep my puppy busy, when he’s not sleeping.


Thanks for reading and Welcome Back!