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Finding My Purpose

As the month of May comes to an end, June 1st will mark a significant anniversary for our family, it has been one year since we have been home from our year long adventure. While we were away on the trip we had a lot of time to think about what was next for us […]

How My Husband and I Show Our Love

This month Red Tricycle put out the writing challenge to write about your relationships, the good, the bad, the ugly. So here is my February article focused on my relationship with my husband…  It’s February! February is the month that reminds people to show their love for the important people in their lives. Sadly, sometimes we […]

The Dreaded New Years Resolution

For the New Year I am trying to take care of myself and trying to find more time to do things that nourish me, one of thing that I always want to make more time for is writing, below and in this link is my most recent article for Red Tricycle…  Oh the dreaded New Year’s […]

Beat the Blues this Holiday Season

Around mid-November every year I start to get a little anxious about the holiday season. Maybe it is the massive amount of family birthdays that fall during the Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s holidays, possibly it is the consumerism that is blown overboard in the world around us and likely it could be due to […]

Cancer – We’re Done with You!

In honor of Movember, and in an effort to bring attention to men’s health issues, I decided to write about how Prostate Cancer and cancer in general has affected my life, the article is also featured on Red Tricycle (click this link to read on their site). This article has been challenging for me to write, […]

Fill Your Cup First… 

As I get ready this week to attend my Yoga Momma retreat at Sleeping Lady Mountain Resort, I decided my Red Tricycle article should focus on self love and taking time for yourself… really wish that tomorrow was Friday! I read so many different articles each day about how to take care of yourself, how […]

Shark Puppy – Now That I Have A Furry Toddler…  

For my most recent article from Red Tricycle, I decided to get some feedback from the community… Getting a puppy was not something I ever really thought we would do. But then we met his parents and we couldn’t say no. We always had an excuse: Daddy’s allergic, we like to travel, our yard is too […]

Stress – How Can I Just Deal With It?

My most recent article for Red Tricycle is on stress, something most people have in some form or another, here are some of my thoughts on how to deal with it… How we manage and deal with stress can take a big toll on our lives and the lives of those around us. Some people […]

Back To School After A Year Off

I have started writing for a new media outlet this week, the site is Red Tricycle . Red Tricycle is a resource for parents to find fun things to do, manage the daily life of parenting and provide a community for people in the area to get help and information for any parenting question that might […]

Pushing the Reset Button

For a lot of people Labor Day, Back to School and the beginning of Fall is when they push the reset button or try and get their life back to reality. For others ,New Years Day is when new resolutions and habits are formed. Others might choose to start fresh each year on their birthday. […]